Monday, July 25, 2005


I’m not a lawyer, a judge, a member of a jury, a stenographer, or a court officer.

I’m not even watching the proceedings, but here I am.

I’m not on trial, and I can’t even tell you exactly what has happened so far.

I am completely lost.

Verdict is my only interest, better suited to sentencing than deliberation.

The oath I’ve taken, taken sincerely, taken seriously, contradicts the message that is scrawled across my facing forward best foot and therefore can be interpreted as faken.

It reads, “FRAUDULENT”.

Somehow I feel I belong, and don’t feel compelled to leave.

Let the gavel drop.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


i write:

when she left, right away i dealt irresponsibly;
impending my own death, she knew ostensibly.

i must experience pain for it to ever be undone;
it is the severest rain that reciprocates the sun.

conveniently lacking physical form for him,
sis', the intrinsic spirit waiting in four for reborn.
does a decade coincide events that shape my life?
no. time is why and where we could collide.

i now kno that she has always been alive.
relieved, for that is why i denied to cry when she 'died'.

no. the bottom line is i will be here, now;
with her, like i was right now, here.
it matters not when, but how i shed the tear.

all is as it is and should;
nothing coincides, and that's good.

Friday, July 08, 2005


Man, Temperature or Glue-

I am Never-Sure Who.

Adherence, Kinetic Energy, or Anthropology-

Kevin and Brethren Fertilize the Poet-Tree.


while underneath
we are one me and you
from orbit one can
notice the dry land
where we connoiter to

to the east thiers a c
they're various peaks
among seas
that connect us, see?

in the west there's
a gem amidst a vast
ocean, we connect
there two

we nourish culture
and we love it
we're different
and the same too

Thursday, July 07, 2005

How's Love?

friends and enemies make
mistakes- both forget

that minds change and
rearrange, with time

we find before and
after we lose- but who?

i am in debt to regret
and happenstances

while i don't miss intent
nor remissed chances.

lovin' always wasn't,
so how is it intrinsic?