Thursday, July 21, 2005


i write:

when she left, right away i dealt irresponsibly;
impending my own death, she knew ostensibly.

i must experience pain for it to ever be undone;
it is the severest rain that reciprocates the sun.

conveniently lacking physical form for him,
sis', the intrinsic spirit waiting in four for reborn.
does a decade coincide events that shape my life?
no. time is why and where we could collide.

i now kno that she has always been alive.
relieved, for that is why i denied to cry when she 'died'.

no. the bottom line is i will be here, now;
with her, like i was right now, here.
it matters not when, but how i shed the tear.

all is as it is and should;
nothing coincides, and that's good.


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