Monday, August 22, 2005

yess sir real

every time the phone rings i expect it to be someone
a dimension of my life so efficient and dense in its positivity
to attempt replacement would be like
glueing a tv, a radio, an encyclopedia, a telephone together
and calling it a computer
the closest i will ever come to the frequency with
which i think of things to do for myself, to do for another

Sunday, August 07, 2005

March, April, May and Me

Spring, I think of you.
I desire and intend for us
to experience growth together;
this is what I have
gathered about nature.

- to protrude from my
isolated and self-sufficient
existence within my seed,
to touch air for the first time
as a sprout, reaching far
into longed for sunshine,
rigidly strengthening proudly
in the embrace of the
warm, fragrant atmosphere.

All the while, I remember
to be aware of my need
to learn better what it is
I am doing, despite
the convoluted ecstasy
the moment holds.

I strive to yearn
this communion occurring
annually, cyclically, rhythmically.
The unique qualities of
my growth's nature, like your season,
are tarnished if perpetual-
for although the Spring is
many things,
it is not the air
I require to breathe.