Monday, January 01, 2007

Day Four

Rain. Hills. FearFearFearFear.

i can handle weather no problem. hills? my knees don't know about...

I rode underneath a RIVER of singing birds early in the morning. I couldn't see where the stream of them ended.

I crossed two nonbridges, and by nonbridges i mean piles of coarse gravel mixed with some kind of manure. Yes, I said TWO - on the same road. Andy i told you the story but forgot to mention that it was twice on the same road. i saw signs that said "road closed" and "bridge under construction" miles into a road with no crossstreets amongst farms. turning back didnt' sound good, in particular because i had no idea where i was - just using a turnsheet devised thoroughly and expertly by my genius brother (thom).

anyway, i got lost because a woman i asked for confirmation of my goings didn't know what she was talking about, brought me back a mile where i had to call a cab to get to the hotel from. turns out thom's directions (and my transcription) were correct. i passed my turn in the cab, and recognized it as such. oh well. she tried. after all, i'm trying and that's it. trying and failing is better than not trying. i'm realizing this more and more. i am realizing that the truth that our effort has accomplished its goals is real. this ride is just details. it's more for me than anything. like i told myself from the beginning of the idea a year and a half ago, this is a selfish enterprise because of all i will get out of it. i've already gotten so much.

the ride is symbolic, not practical. i won't beat myself up for using cabs when in a jam.

the photos are from day three. bridges. cisco, they are for you.

peace and gratitude


Blogger Mary said...

kelvinstein-I am just lovin this trip from my desk. Jack Kerouac is my nephew. What a trip it must be from your bike, boss love,monstymyra

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take a cab and locate that human double-wide who sent you in the wrong direction and shove some of that coarse gravel down her throat.

Happy New Year!

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Pop said...

My dear Kevin, thank you. The bridges and nonbridges are great. The lady with the wrong directions is your Higher Power giving you an opportunity to cab it and be OK with that.
I am learning so much from your daily messages. Sleep well and safe riding tomorrow.
I love you.

4:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a winner!Trust in the process for it is truly a wonderful journey. Rest when you are tired, eat when you are hungary, pray when you get scared. I know you know all these things, I'm just hear to remind you. Your attitude inspires me as does your ambition.



7:23 PM  
Blogger suzQ! said...

you know what, mr ready - I am looking at this way after it happened and i understand you more.


i love how you love things

(and that your dad is called pops)


hope the adventure of today brings you a cab if you need it -but better a rickshaw - or a tandem

6:26 PM  

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