Saturday, December 30, 2006

Day Two

i can't believe how amazing my brothers are.

how handicapped i feel to have fear and pride as components of my constitution as a human, among other things.

i am trying to focus on what i have to be grateful for. i'm trying to live locally in time and space. everything so far has worked out, so i ought to extrapolate that trend and assume everything will work out. my lowest self takes over without my conscious mind sometimes and starts to scheme how to quit, how to justify renting a car to the next stop...

i keep seeing things that remind me of mom. we ate at "mom's diner" the first night. andy and i remembered being so excited because of a continental breakfast on a road trip with mom, when we were little. i then asked, "so what's different now?" there was an arby's.

i really don't want to acknowledge negativity, but i'll say that leaving NJ was a delight. arriving in Philly, there was a sign that said "share the road" with a picture of a car and a cyclist. not the sentiment in NJ, in our experience. hopefully the deleware was my rubicon - in the most humble way possible, and just for today.

a quote that i got from my friend holly via Al:

No one behind, no one ahead.
The path the ancients cleared has closed.
And the other path, everyone's path,
easy and wide, goes nowhere.
I am alone and find my way.


Anonymous Pop said...

Thank you, Kevin. It warms my heart to hear you revel in the love and concrete support of your brothers. I can imagine the delight that Christine feels in watching the three of you bring this project to fruition.
You have displayed the shining quality of any true MAN I have ever had the honor of knowing - acknowledging the fear and moving ahead because of it. When you share what you think is your weakness, you allow all of us equally broken humans to identify with you and celebrate your daily victory. I love you and I am so very proud of you.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

Dear Kev- Have been watching your progress via blog and posted or thought I was posting comments each time this format looks real I said in one of them that your openness makes me feel human. keep on keepin on the miracle comes when you think you can't go another inch all love- your mary monster

1:43 PM  

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