Sunday, December 31, 2006

Day Three

Hi, folks. This is Kevin's very proud Dad reporting that Kevin has succesfully ended Day Three and is in Elkton, MD. He has no internet access so, unfortunately, we won't be treated with his wonderfully poetic and insightful commentary. He asked me to tell you that he continues to be blown away by the love and support of his brothers, Tom and Andrew. Ah, as you parents out there know, Regina and I are are postively kvelling.


Anonymous Joe K said...

Hey Brother, this is Joe K wishing you all the health, love and success for the New Year...I love you and I love what you're doing. C'ya when you get home...XO. Joe K

9:13 PM  
Anonymous justin g said...

hi happy new year! i've been thinking about you often and wondering how you are holding up. has the weather been coperating? Please let me know about your progress.

love and continued support


10:32 PM  

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